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In 1998, Cédrick-Isham, with a shy childhood and long complexed by his stutter, discovered rap. It

is above all an opportunity for him to overcome his shyness and put words to what he feels or what

he sees. A first experience as a freelancer at France-Antilles (Martinique), in 2004, fortuitously

brought him closer to photography. In 2009, he acquired his first camera, learned on his own and

sought his first advice from two photographers whose work he appreciated: Charles Chulem and

Daniel Goudrouffe.! !

His photographic work took a real turn in 2013, through a project launched on social networks and

entitled: "La Guadeloupe, mon visage". He chooses to approach the subjects through tight portraits

which are for him a way of overcoming the rejection of himself, his own image and the fear of the

gaze of the other. That same year, he made a documentary, titled "Ombres", in which he

highlighted the reality of drug addicts who are homeless.! !

Subsequently, he participated in several exhibitions, developed his vision and his photographic

writing, imprinted with human poetry and nourished by his biases. Sensitive to the frame and the

movements within it, he is constantly in search of the ephemeral harmonies that "the moment"

stages. “I believe that people are interconnected by invisible energy flows and I like to believe that

with photography you can see them. That's why I try to compose my images in a way that connects

people."! !

Today, some describe him as a portrait painter, but he sees himself above all as a committed

essayist and participant in his time. Since 2018, his travels to Cameroon and Haiti have led him to

question the issue of resilience. At the same time, since 2019, he has been working on

Guadeloupean identity, aware of the importance of addressing this issue which he considers

urgent. Convinced that his camera is an extension of his personality, it is as an attentive observer

that he casts a gaze mixing poetry, gentleness and realism on the souls as well as the identities

that surround him.

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