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Natalia Vásquez

Natalia is a visual artist and holistic practitioner of Colombian and Dominican descent. The introspection of her artwork is enhanced by a long-established meditation practice that throughout the years has revealed visuals, concepts, and led to a deep respect for internal landscapes and a return to Mother Nature. Themes investigated in Natalia’s images include memory, dreams/nightmares, fragmentation/ integration, beauty within suffering, redefining identity, human consciousness, and choosing Love over fear. Through her practice, Natalia explores the psycho-spiritual processes of transformation from ego to spirit. Balancing between darkness and light, she studies the relationship among the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms of existence, and a return to wholeness. Natalia combines photography with mixed media and found objects to create immersive spaces, and guides meditations and holistic sessions within the installations. 

She taught Digital and Documentary Photography at Anglo-American University in Prague, was co-director and curator for the Laughter and Forgetting Project that was exhibited in the Czech Republic, Georgia, Australia, and the United States, was teaching artist at the Arts for Learning Lewis Arts Center summer program in Miami, and is the main interpreter for the Hispanic Access Foundation, focusing on environmental justice. In 2017 Natalia founded Heart in Brain Studios, uniting restful and meditative holistic practices with the visual arts for deep healing and processing trauma. For over 15 years she has benefitted from her multifaceted relationship with DVCAI. 

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